Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Education Required

Some states require laboratory personnel to be licensed or registered. Requirements vary by state and specialty. For specific requirements, contact your state department of health or state board of occupational licensing. In some states, licensure requires certification. Although certification is not always required to enter the occupation, employers may prefer to hire certified technologists and technicians. Individuals may earn certification as a medical laboratory scientist or medical laboratory technician. Completion of an accredited education program is typically required to sit for a certification exam. A number of organizations offer certification, including the American Association of Bioanalysts, American Medical Technologists, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Career Setting

What is this job like?

A clinical laboratory technologist, also known as a medical laboratory scientist or medical technologist, is a healthcare professional who performs complex laboratory tests and analyzes patient samples to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. They work in clinical laboratories, hospitals, research facilities, and other healthcare settings. Click to explore more occupational details:

Clinical Laboratory Technologist